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Rogue cable still a problem in the UK

Test your knowledge on cable markings - are you in for a Trick or a Treat? Halloween is fast approaching so take the Draka Trick or Treat challenge here but keep your wits about you as it’s all too easy to get tricked.

This seasonal quiz means you can test your knowledge of cable markings to select the cable you want - but beware of the dangers and avoid the tricks of false or just wrong cable markings.This maybe our fun, seasonal quiz but the initiative is to raise awareness of the increasing risks of substandard cable that is still present in the UK market.

Draka’s quirky reminder to check your cable markings can help you to avoid dangers or risks. Avoiding sub-standard, counterfeit cable can save

money and lives so enjoy this fun game and don’t get tricked next time you buy cable. So now you’re in the Halloween spirit, take the

challenge here

If you are concerned about faulty cable, check out ACI’s website

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