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Firetuf fire resistant cables

Firetuf Fire Resistant Cables

The Draka brand understands the importance of fire resistant cables and is deeply committed to continuous fire cable development. It is the investment in innovation that ensures Draka products meet or surpass the requirements of the latest fire rated cable performance standards.

Our FT120 fire resistant cable, which provides enhanced fire cable performance with all the benefits associated with pliable alarm cable, is an example of Draka’s innovative, market driven approach to making fire rated cables that set the standard for others to follow. 

The Firetuf Fire Resistant Cable Range:

Firetuf FT30 Saffire - halogen free, low smoke (OHLS®) flame retardant cable
Firetuf FT120 - the ‘enhanced’ fire resistant cable solution
Firetuf FTP120 - fire resistant armoured power cable
FT Sifer 950i - zero halogen, low smoke (OHLS®) single core fire cable
FT Sifer 950s - zero halogen, low smoke (OHLS®) single core fire cable
Firetuf FTP - the original Draka fire resistant armoured cable
Firetuf FT30 - pliable ‘standard’ fire resisting cable
Firetuf FT L-SIFER - fire resistant, zero halogen and low smoke (OHLS®) single core cable

Safety during fire is at the heart of the brand so safety of occupants and users of public, commercial and industrial premises is of paramount importance. Fire resistant cables can play a key role in making buildings safer as they power or connect critical safety systems such as fire alarms, emergency lighting, PA systems and CCTV systems.

Fire Safety

Draka branded Firetuf fire resistant cable has been installed and commissioned into a variety of buildings designed under fire safety engineering principles. These buildings include mass transit stations like London Underground, Heathrow Terminal 5, St Pancras Eurostar terminal. Also Sports Stadia such as the Emirates stadium in London and shopping malls including Westfield White City, St Davids Centre, Cardiff and Highcross, Leicester. In centres of learning like universities and schools and any number of hospital projects. 

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The Draka brand means innovation in cable and it’s a brand our customers trust. Ongoing research has produced a world class range of high quality cables such as Saffire, Firetuf and Railsure that meet or surpass British Standards. Each with independent third party certification – a brand you can trust.

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