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Firetuf FT120

Enhanced Fire Resistant Cable

Firetuf FT120 is the ‘enhanced’ fire resistant solution for fire alarm cable, as well as fire detection, emergency voice communication and emergency lighting circuits.

FT120 meets the requirements of the construction standard BS7629-1, certified by BASEC and also meets the ‘enhanced’ requirements for fire resistance in BS8434-2, certified by LPCB. It is suitable for all ‘enhanced’ applications described in BS5839-1,6,8 & 9 and BS5266-1 and FT120 retains the easy handling advantages of a pliable cable with lower termination costs and no special tool requirements.

Firetuf FT120 - suitable as fire alarm cable and for fire safety applications.

Manufacturing standard BS 7629-1
Conductors: Solid or stranded plain annealed copper wire (class 1 or class 2) to BS EN 60228
Conductor (earth): Solid or stranded tinned annealed copper wire (class 1 or class 2) to BS EN 60228
Insulation: Enhanced silicone rubber
Electrostatic screen Enhanced close weave glass tape
Binder: Enhanced aluminium/polyester laminated tape
Sheath: Enhanced thermoplastic Zero Halogen, Low Smoke (OHLS®)
Core Colours: Two core: Brown and Blue
Three core: Brown, Black and Grey
Four core: Brown, Black, Grey and Blue
Sheath colour: Red or White

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