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Saffire zero halogen low smoke cables

Saffire Low Fire Hazard Cables

Draka Saffire zero halogen, low smoke cables have long been associated with safety during fire. In particular safety of the public in and around buildings such as underground stations, airports, shopping centres, hospitals and schools: buildings we use every day sometimes without even considering the impact on us or our families should a fire break out.

Flames are lethal because they consume what they touch but smoke and fumes reach far beyond the flames and they pose a significant threat. Smoke and fumes such as acid gases produced by burning standard PVC cables are a real risk to people during fire in buildings. Smoke obscures emergency luminaires, signage and exits, it can appear to block the way especially thick black smoke from burning PVC. Acid gases are also produced when PVC cables burn which certainly cause coughing and even choking of occupants trying to evacuate.  Saffire low smoke cables are not PVC, the Saffire range is a result of research, development and listening to our customers and their clients.

Saffire 6491B - Single Core Zero Halogen, Low Smoke Cable (OHLS®)
Saffire 6242B - Flat, Twin Core Zero Halogen, Low Smoke Cable (OHLS®)
Saffire BS6724 - Multi-Core Armoured Zero Halogen, Low Smoke Cable (OHLS®)
Saffire BS6724 Auxiliary - Multi-Core Armoured Zero Halogen, Low Smoke Cables (OHLS®)
Saffire Railsure - London Underground Approved Single Core Zero Halogen, Low Smoke Cable (OHLS®)

Saffire cables are for non-emergency circuits – design them and install with confidence, Draka Saffire will lessen the risk

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